Please leave the premises by 5pm

Do not park alongside the pools, use the designated car parks

Do not handle fish with towels, cloths or anything similar

Barbless hooks only. Maximum size 12

Allowed baits:

  • Maggots (one pint of dead & two pints live,)
  • Casters
  • Worms
  • Yellow sweetcorn
  • Hook pellet
  • Feed pellet (£1 per bag. Sizes available 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm)

Do not use any baits not listed above

No floating baits. No liquidised baits. No colourings or flavourings

Keepnets can only be used in matches

Maximum pole length 16 metres

No method feeders. No braid

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

No dogs allowed at our fishery

Please take your rubbish with you

If you do not abide by the rules you will be asked to leave


All rules above also apply to matches

We do not supply landing or keep nets. Make sure to bring your own.

Dip and rinse all nets. Lay your keep nets out at your peg for 30 minutes. Then put them into the water 10 minutes before the start of your match.

Do not take net/stink bags to your peg

The maximum weight in a keep net is 60lb

If three or more anglers in a club go over weight the club will be banned

Fish caught under two inches should be put back

Fish caught under 1lb should be kept in a separate net

Start weighing in as soon as possible. Do not put your equipment away first.

All matches start by 10am and finish by 3pm. Matches run for five hours only. Do not pleasure fish after the matches.

No fixed rigs or bolt rigs. Traditional floats to be used when pole fishing. No feeder fishing with pole.

All mugging is banned at our fishery. This includes windmilling, tapping, slapping, helicoptering or any other similar technique.