With all of the recent developments Hawford Bridge Fishery will be closed until further notice. If you have a match booked in the near future I will be in touch with each of you personally about rearranging your match. I will post updates when there is new information.

Weekend update

Saturday 21st March
All pools available except for Reddings.
Sunday 22nd March
All pools booked. Closed to day tickets.

Today Des Shipp had a good day up on Reddings. The weather wasn’t the best but still fished well. He used peg 18 (also known as “the point”) probably the best peg on Reddings.

Sunday 15th March weights

Reddings – Greenman
1st 122lb 2nd 103lb 3rd 98lb
Penlake – Evesham Disabled
1st 168lb 2nd 112lb 3rd 108lb
Bridge – Harborne Social
1st 87lb 2nd 80lb 3rd 64lb