Allowed baits

  • Our feed pellet (£1 per bag. Four types available 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm)
  • Worms
  • Castors
  • Yellow sweetcorn
  • Hook pellet
  • Maggots (two pints dead & two pints live, not four pints of either)

Banned baits are not listed. Do not use anything that is not listed above. We try and keep our waters as pure as possible. Do not cause pollution with banned baits.

No fixed rigs or bolt stop. No Method feeders or adaptions. No back stops. No tapping, wind milling, slapping. Traditional floats to be used when pole fishing. No feeder fishing with pole. Sixteen metre pole limit. Hooks should be no bigger than a twelve and barbless. Do not mug fish and do not ball bait.

Park your car at the car park of the lake you are fishing on. Do not park your car at your peg.

We do not have rubbish bins. Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.



We do not supply landing or keep nets. Make sure to bring your own.

Use our weighing in buckets for your weigh in.

Stretch out your keep nets at your peg 30 minutes before the start of your match and don’t put them into the water until 10 minutes before the start of your match.

NO stink/net bags to be taken to your peg.

Do NOT handle fish with towels, cloths or anything similar.

Start weighing in as soon as possible. Do not put your equipment away first.

The maximum weight in a keep net is 60lb.

When fish are roughly three inches and under put them in a separate net.

If three or more anglers in a club go over weight the club will be banned.

All matches start by 10am and finish by 3pm. Matches run for five hours only. Do not pleasure fish after the matches.

If you have any bait left over after your match take it home with you. Do not throw it into the pool or leave on the bank.