The Rules

Enjoy the fishing! – Make sure every member knows our rules BEFORE the start of the match.

  1. You are NOT allowed your own nets. We supply keep nets, landing nets and weighing in sling. BRING YOUR OWN SCALES.
  2. Do not take towels into the fishery.
  3. A £25 deposit is required before all matches, it will be refunded at the end of day, when all nets are returned undamaged or unbroken.
  4. Tripods must used to weigh the fish – do not tip or throw or drop fish.
  5. Maximum weight in our keep nets is 60lbs. Anything overweight will not be counted. If 3 or more anglers in a club go over weight the club will be banned.
  6. All matches should start by 10:00am and finish by 3:00pm. Matches run for 5 hours only. Please don’t pleasure fish after the matches
  7. Allowed baits –
    1. Maggots (2 pints dead red & 2 pints live, NOT 4 pints of either)
    2. Worms
    3. Castors
    4. Yellow sweetcorn
    5. Hook pellet.
  8. Banned baits – As below, if unsure ask.
    1. Floating baits.
    2. Baits with additives or colourings
    3. Meats
  9. No fixed rigs or bolt stop. No Method feeders or adaptions. No back stops. No Tapping. Wind milling, slapping. Traditional floats to be used when pole fishing. No feeder fishing with pole. 16 metre pole limit.
  10. Hooks should be no bigger then a 12 and barbless.