We are opening for pleasure fishing only tomorrow (Saturday 16th May). We will try to keep everything running as normal as possible. But there will be some small changes to make things safer for everyone.

The opening times are still the same, gates open at 7.30am and locked at 5pm.

Prices are £8 for a day ticket, £5 for over 65s & £5 for under 16s.

To comply with social distancing you can only use every other peg.

In regard to payment it will still have to be money exchanged. I will be round to collect the peg fee and will keep a safe distance away. To keep contact to a minimum, it would be preferable if you have the exact amount money so we don’t have to return change.

If anyone needs pellets I will have them with me when I come round for the peg fee. They are £1 per bag.

All of our other fishery rules still apply at this time. Hopefully with these guidelines everything will run smoothly and everyone will stay safe. Thank you