August 21st Grapes on Broomhill

1st 143lb 15oz   2nd 111lb 9oz   3rd 110lb 14

Wild Goose on Penlake

1st 221lb 10oz   2nd 147lb 6oz   3rd 92lb 5oz

August 20th  Jason Elwells knock up on Penlake

1st 205lb   2nd 201lb  3rd 189lb  4th 177lb


1st 134lb   2nd 122lb   3rd x 3  82lb

August 14th Brandhall on Reddings

1st 98lb  2nd x2 77lb

August 7th Fiery Holes on Penlake (22 fished)

1st 232lb   2nd 167lb  3rd 164lb 4th 159lb    10 anglers caught over a 100lb

Reddings Brewood

1st 141lb   2nd 104lb  3rd 95lb   4th 83lb

Bridge  Evesham Disabled

1st  134lb    2nd 118lb   3rd 94lb  4th 90lb

August 6th Croft fished Penlake and Broomhill

1st 336lb  2nd 231lb   3rd 178lb   Broomhill  1st  206lb    2nd 185lb   3rd 165lb


July 31st Grapes on Penlake

1st. 220lb  2nd. 181lb  3rd.162lb 4th.156lb.

Broomhill The Red Lion

1st 240lb  2nd.185lb 3rd.179lb

July 30th  Jason Elwells Open on Penlake

1st 314lb 3oz J Elwell

2nd 219lb 8oz M Pritchard

3rd 165lb 15oz W Spruce

Reddings - Friar Park

1st 73lb  2nd. 69lb  3rd. 67lb  4th.64lb

June 4th Reddings

1st  93lb 4oz   2nd. 92lb 4oz   3rd 91lb 8oz

Carl Stevens open

1st 205lb 4oz Carl Stevens  2nd 117lb M Williams 3rd 96lb S Smith - Penlake

Broomhill 1st 141lb   2nd 108lb  3rd 90lb   Bridge  1st 137lb 2nd 107lb  3rd 95lb 8oz

Broomhill Gunmakers May 29th

1st  108lb 2oz   2nd 106lb 5oz   3rd 92lb 9oz

Bridge Red Lion

1st  152lb 8oz Trevor Smith    2nd 98lb 0oz M Newitt   3rd 87lb 7oz K Turner  4th 75lb 6oz Mal Storey

Broomhill & Bridge May 28th Croft

1st 143lb 8oz   2nd 139lb 0oz   3rd  109lb   Bridge 1st 170lb A Walters  2nd 141lb A Costin  3rd 123lb 6oz

Reddings May 22nd Blueball

1st 100lb 6oz   2nd 66lb 9oz    3rd 65lb 2oz

Broomhill  Excelsior AC

1st 81lb    2nd 70lb    3rd 66lb 6oz

Reddings  Jasons knockup May 21st

1st 72lb 9oz P Nash.   2nd 71lb Dean Elsmore (an upcoming star, according to his Dad)    3rd 64lb Jason   4th 62lb 1oz A Costin

Penlake Evesham Disabled May 15th

1st 115lb 10z    2nd 125lb minus 12lb  3rd. 121lb 8oz

Bridge Dudley Sport

1st 83lb 4oz    2nd. 80lb 3oz   3rd  67lb 11oz

Reddings Tri-cast

1st 136lb.  2nd 94lb.  3rd 91lb.  4th 91lb

Penlake Greenman May 8th

1st 153lb.8 Charlie   2nd 105lb 2oz Sean  3rd 104lb 1oz D Prosser

Broomhill & Bridge  Brunswick

1st 169lb Jason Elwell   2nd 163lb Andy Costin  3rd 126lb P Nash  4th 112lb Mocca   Bridge - 1st 121lb Dean  2nd 120lb 3rd 110lb

Reddings  April 17th 2016 The Red Lion

1st 138lb 5oz  Paul Bailey     2nd 108lb 3oz TREVOR SMITH   3rd 97lb 4oz Alan   4th 92lb 0oz Ken Turner

Cedrics Knockup December 2015

Penklake                                                     Broomhill

1st 125lb                                                      1st 147lb 8oz

2nd 108lb 1oz                                            2nd  129lb 4oz

3rd 107lb  10oz                                          3rd 115lb 8oz

4th 107lb                                                     4th 111lb 10lb

the lowest on Penlake was 44lb and the lowest on Broomhill was 53lb

1st     a record breaking  320lb 12oz Andy Costin

2nd    262lb 12oz  R Baker

3rd    230lb 2oz Jason Elwell

4th    219lb 0oz A Waters

5th   200lb  Eddie Foster

August 30th Brunswick AC fished Penlake & Broomhill

1st    236 1oz  Jason Elwell  BHill

2nd  233lb 14oz  A Costin

3rd   202lb 12oz  Lee

on Penlake

1st  189lb 0oz   Mocca

2nd  177lb 13oz

3rd   157lb 11oz

4th  144lb 6oz 

Jims Tuesday Match

1st 178lb Charlie jeavons

2nd 164lb T Burton

3rd 134lb G Boughton on holiday with us

4th 126lb Martin

August 15th

croft fished reddings and broomhill

1st 88lb 13  A Costin        1st 182lb D Alden

2nd  63lb 2oz C Fox          2nd  180lb J Elwell

3rd  57lb 1oz  T Ford         3rd 118 A Waters

Pool Hayes fished Penlake

1st 192lb M Pritchard

2nd 180lb 5oz T Edwards

3rd 119lb 11oz R Hancox

August 5th

Button Oak fished Broomhill

1st 150lb

2nd 126lb 15oz

3rd 126lb 8

4th 125 3oz

August 2nd

Red Lion fished Penlake

1st 235lb 15oz J Merchant

2nd 181lb 15lb Pete  - 7lb

3rd 166lb 5oz P Bailey

4th 148lb 11oz K Turner

Fiery Holes fished Reddings

1st 88lb

2nd 86lb

3rd 61lb

July 4th Pool Hayes on Penlake

1st 226lb 10oz M Pritchard

2nd 156lb 1oz A Collins

3rd 151lb 5oz T Edwards

4th 125lb Ivan

June 21st Anchor fished penlake & broomhill

1st 200lb 13oz   S Whithall                                    1st  104lb 6oz

2nd  128lb 8oz  C Roberts                                     2nd 100lb 15oz

3rd  108lb 10oz   T Roberts                                   3rd   96lb 7oz

Fiery Holes fished Reddings

1st 74lb

2nd 54lb 6oz

3rd  51lb 6oz

June 14th

Dolls House fished Penlake

1st  137lb 14oz

2nd  128lb 14oz

3rd 128lb 3oz

June 13th Cottage Spring fished Reddings

1st   73lb

2nd  46lb

3rd  42lb x 3


May 30th Croft fished Reddings and                      Broomhill

1st  84lb 2oz    J Elwell                                             1st 167lb   A Costin

2nd  73lb 10oz   D Holden                                        2nd  131lb  E Foster

3rd 56lb 4oz     A Waters                                          3rd  130lb  C Fox

May 24th Sedgley fished Reddings

1st  67lb 8oz

2nd 65lb 2oz 

3rd 53lb 10oz          

May 17th Foden fished Reddings                                       Charlemont fished Penlake

1st 55lb 9oz                                                                        1st 148lb 3oz

2nd  54lb 4oz                                                                      2nd 95lb 3oz

3rd  52lb 14oz                                                                     3rd  93lb 11oz

May 16th Graham Jones AC fished Reddings                   Currie and Warner fished Penlake

1st 59lb 12oz                                                                       1st   80lb 0oz

2nd 56lb 8oz                                                                        2nd  61lb 7oz

3rd 48lb 14oz                                                                       3rd   57lb 1oz

May 9th Pool Hayes fished Penlake                         Severn Valley fished Broomhill                                              8 locks fished Bridge

1st  119lb 15oz                                                              1st   87lb 11oz                                                                   1st 70lb 1oz

2nd  109lb 13oz                                                             2nd  79lb 7oz                                                                    2nd  62lb 15oz

3rd  98lb 13oz                                                                3rd   65lb 10oz                                                                  3rd  62lb 14oz

April 30th The Bears fished Broomhill

1st 157.11 Paul

2nd 124lb John

3rd 111.7

4th 109lb 13 Trevor

April 28th Jim Greenaways Tuesday Open

1st 142lb 8oz M Cox

2nd 118lb 2 E Tully(?)

3rd 105lb 9oz C Jeavons

4th 91lb - M Williams

April 26th Greenlands fished Penlake

1st 112lb 12oz A Simms

2nd 106lb 6oz J Sterling

3rd 90lb 4oz J Watts

April 12th Evesham Disabled fished Broomhill

1st 152lb  D. Greenow

2nd  129lb P.Webley

3rd 124lb Trevor (!)

out of 11 anglers, 7 caught over a 100lb

Croft fished Penlake

1st 147lb 8oz A.Cornish

2nd 73lb 8oz T.Wright

3rd 50lb 0oz S.Cornish

April 5th Brian Burley & Co. fished Bridge

1st. 128lb 8oz Brian

2nd 79lb 5oz

3rd 77lb 10oz

The Vine fished Penlake

1st 141lb 10oz

2nd 131lb 13oz

3rd 110lb 3oz (although this shouldn't be counted as he used bread!)

April 4th Perry Hall fished Broomhill

1st 85lb 11oz

2nd 68lb 0oz

3rd 51lb 04oz

may I take the opportunity here to say, just because we allow 70lb to a net, doesn't mean you take it to the nth degree.

April 2nd Bears fished Broomhill

1st. 100lb 10oz Dave

2nd  89lb 8oz  Trevor the owner of the place

3rd 82lb 10oz

March 22 Trevor Burtons WL fished Broomhill

1st   131.14 Carl Stevens

2nd 94.5  M Prosser

3rd  77.6 Martin Williams

March 21st Dylans open fished Broomhill

1st  125 -

2nd  104.5 Charlie Jeavons

3rd  89. 3

4th  89.1

March 14th 2015

Blackheath Stamping fished Penlake

1st 89lb 10oz

2nd 50lb 3oz

3rd 44lb 5oz

Dylans Opens fished Broomhil

1st 106lb 7oz

2nd 78lb 15oz

3rd 74lb 13oz


November 23rd Penlake T.Burtons WL

1st 134lb 14oz S Harris

2nd 95lb. 10oz T Burton

3rd 93lb 8oz K Bradnick

November 22nd Shaun Smith's Knockup on Broomhill & Penlake

1st 168lb 8oz J Elwell

2nd 158lb 11oz P Savings

3rd 119lb 10oz S Smith