November 23rd  Penlake T.Burtons WL

1st   134lb 14oz  S Harris

2nd  95lb. 10oz  T Burton

3rd  93lb 8oz      K Bradnick

November 22nd  Shaun Smith's Knockup on Broomhill & Penlake

1st  168lb 8oz   J Elwell

2nd  158lb 11oz   P Savings

3rd  119lb 10oz   S Smith

November 16th  Great Barr fished Bridge

1st    88lb 12oz

2nd   65lb 12oz

3rd   61lb 0oz

Brude fished Reddings

1st 79lb 0oz

2nd 66lb

3rd 47lb

November 1st on Broomhill

Darlows Knockup 

1st  144lb    Ed the sheep

2nd  113lb   Steve Morgan

3rd 107lb    John Priest

July 27th Redstone fished Penlake

1st  218lb 0lb  C Jeavons

2nd  202lb 0lb   A Danks

3rd  156lb  0lb M Bennett

plus 10 other weights of 100lb

The Grapes fished Broomhill

1st  106lb   B Hughes

2nd  104lb 

3rd   103lb  A Vaughn

Cradley Heath fished Reddings

1st  195lb 12oz  M harrison

2nd  120lb 4oz  M West

3rd  119lb 4oz  D Smart

July 20th Dolls House fished Reddings

1st  108lb 2oz D James

2nd  97lb 9oz Jonathan

3rd  73lb 13oz  R Woodhouse.

Anchor AC fished Penlake

1st  127lb 3oz J Roe

2nd  95lb 12oz C Abbiss

3rd  94lb  5oz 

July 13th Fiery Holes fished Reddings

1st 199lb 0oz  J Greenaway

2nd  143lb 10oz  M Cox

3rd  109lb 8oz  Mr Summers.

June 29th Cradley Heath fished Reddings

1st  123lb 12oz

2nd  107lb

3rd 84lb

4th 72lb

Fatty's bait fished Penlake

1st   182lb 3oz

2nd  165lb 15oz  minused 17lb for being overweight

3rd  108lb 3oz

4th  94lb 4oz minused 5lb for being overweight.

Foden fished Broomhill

1st 115lb

2nd 100lb

3rd 73lb

June 22nd Shrubbery fished Reddings

1st  94lb      

2nd  88lb

3rd  83lb

4th 78lb

May 25th Yardley Wood fished Reddings

1st  122lb 12oz  A Ainsworth

2nd  89lb 0oz  J Harrison

3rd  61lb 10oz   Dave James.

Wordsley Lions fished Penlake

1st  93lb 11oz  M Jones

2nd 74lb 7oz P Hartland

3rd  67lb 8oz D Bowyer

May 22nd The Bears fished Penlake

1st  146lb 11oz

2nd  114lb 1oz

3rd  104lb 14oz

May 20th Jim Greenaways Tuesday Club

1st   172lb .4oz J Greenaway

2nd  160lb 7oz  C Jeavons

3rd   150lb 8oz  Martin Williams

4th   135lb 12oz  P Waters  and all 20 that fished had 3 nets

May 6th  Jim Greenaway Tuesday Club

1st   157lb  J Greenaway

2nd  131lb   C Jeavons

3rd   119lb   M Cox

May 4th Sedgley fished Reddings

1st   123lb 0oz   D Barnett

2nd   121lb 05lboz  P Jennings

3rd    97lb 0oz   C Williams

April 29th Jim Greenaways Tuesday Match

1st  128lb  Broomhill      Jim Greenaway

2nd  118lb  Penlake      T Burton

3rd   103lb  Broomhill     B Owen

April 27th Stephens Tackle fished across Penlake Broomhill and Bridge

1st    197lb 2oz   Les Thompson  on Broomhill

2nd   145lb 15lb  Shaun Cash  on Penlake

3rd   129lb 12oz  Chris Bills on Broomhill

4th   103lb  14oz  Adam Breeze on Broomhill

April 20th  Brunswick AC fished Penlake & Reddings

1st   214lb 15oz  Jason Elwell Penlake                 1st  88lb   Reddings

2nd  149lb 0oz                                                       2nd 80lb                                                       

3rd    90lb                                                              3rd  54lb Mokka

Sturchley AC fished Broomhill

1st 95lb 12oz

2nd 60lb 0oz

3rd  58lb 2oz

April 15th Jim Greenaways Tuesday Match

1st     133lb 14oz     T Burton  Reddings

2nd    112lb 15 oz   Martin Williams  Reddings

3rd      104lb 8oz     Pete Walters   Reddings

4th       76lb 10oz      Alan Profett Penlake

5th       76lb 8oz    Penlake

the lowest weight on Reddings was 70lb

April 13th Dudley AC fished Broomhill

1st   138lb 10oz

2nd   116lb 9oz

3rd   98lb  3oz

April 6th Baggeridge fished Broomhill

1st    245lb 10oz  T Burton (up in the water, pellet & corn)

2nd   155lb 6oz   Daz

3rd   151lb 1oz   K Bradick

4th   86lb 9oz    Sid Wilkes

Dolls House fished Penlake

1st  94lb 

2nd 73lb

3rd  46lb

Brandhall Conservatives fished Reddings

1st  75lb 15oz

2nd  63lb 15oz

3rd  50lb 4oz

April 1st Jim Greenaways Tuesday League fished across Penlake and Broomhill

1st    156lb 9oz   Charlie Jeavons  Broomhill

2nd   139lb 0oz   Jim Greenaway on Broomhill

3rd    119lb 6oz    Paul   on Penlake

4th   107lb 10oz  Geoff on Broomhill

5th   100lb 8oz    Pete on Broomhill

6th   98lb 12oz  Martin Williams on Broomhill

March 30th  Baggeridge fished Bridge

1st   93lb 10oz   T Burton

2nd  84lb 6oz    Charlie Jeavons

3rd  72lb 12oz  K Bradnick

4th   55lb 7oz    Daz

March 23rd  Brewood fished Penlake

1st  105lb  Dave Oliver

2nd  67lb  Mike Brooks

3rd  57lb  K Powell

March 18th Jim Greenaways Dudley Bait & Tackle Tuesday's Match

1st    112lb 10oz  Macca Cox on Broomhill

2nd    106lb 7oz   Charlie Jeavons on Penlake

3rd     93lb 8oz     J. Dickens on Broomhill

4th     83lb 0oz     Trevor Burton on Penlake

March 16th  Stevens Tackle fished across

         Penlake                             Reddings                             Broomhill

1st    178lb                                 74lb 8oz                               148lb 8oz

2nd   123lb                                 64lb                                       129lb

3rd    84lb                                   56lb 12oz                              123lb  

March 9th Dolls House fished Penlake

1st  50lb won by Dave James

2nd  37lb and I didn't catch anymore!

Trevor Burton  WL fished Reddings

1st  94lb 

2nd 78lb

3rd 58lb

Shrubbery fished Broomhill

1st 87lb 12oz

2nd 80lb 8oz

3rd 65lb

4th 62lb 2oz

February 9th Trevor Burton WL. fished Penlake

1st Carl Stevens  115lb 5oz     2nd 113lb    3rd 70lb 8oz    4th 47lb 9oz

January 26th Paul Bailey Winter League fished Penlake

1st   98lb 13oz            2nd  57lb 4oz           3rd  44lb 7oz

Trevor Burton Winter League fished Broomhill

1st  60lb 10z             2nd  52lb 10oz           3rd  43lb 2oz