April 12th Evesham Disabled fished Broomhill

1st 152lb  D. Greenow

2nd  129lb P.Webley

3rd 124lb Trevor (!)

out of 11 anglers, 7 caught over a 100lb

Croft fished Penlake

1st 147lb 8oz A.Cornish

2nd 73lb 8oz T.Wright

3rd 50lb 0oz S.Cornish

April 5th Brian Burley & Co. fished Bridge

1st. 128lb 8oz Brian

2nd 79lb 5oz

3rd 77lb 10oz

The Vine fished Penlake

1st 141lb 10oz

2nd 131lb 13oz

3rd 110lb 3oz (although this shouldn't be counted as he used bread!)

April 4th Perry Hall fished Broomhill

1st 85lb 11oz

2nd 68lb 0oz

3rd 51lb 04oz

may I take the opportunity here to say, just because we allow 70lb to a net, doesn't mean you take it to the nth degree.

April 2nd Bears fished Broomhill

1st. 100lb 10oz Dave

2nd  89lb 8oz  Trevor the owner of the place

3rd 82lb 10oz

March 22 Trevor Burtons WL fished Broomhill

1st   131.14 Carl Stevens

2nd 94.5  M Prosser

3rd  77.6 Martin Williams

March 21st Dylans open fished Broomhill

1st  125 -

2nd  104.5 Charlie Jeavons

3rd  89. 3

4th  89.1

March 14th 2015

Blackheath Stamping fished Penlake

1st 89lb 10oz

2nd 50lb 3oz

3rd 44lb 5oz

Dylans Opens fished Broomhil

1st 106lb 7oz

2nd 78lb 15oz

3rd 74lb 13oz


November 23rd Penlake T.Burtons WL

1st 134lb 14oz S Harris

2nd 95lb. 10oz T Burton

3rd 93lb 8oz K Bradnick

November 22nd Shaun Smith's Knockup on Broomhill & Penlake

1st 168lb 8oz J Elwell

2nd 158lb 11oz P Savings

3rd 119lb 10oz S Smith